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So I've decided to take offers on some of my characters. 
Link to Characters:…


What I'm interested in:

Male characters (trying to balance the ratio out a bit)

Not interested in:
Points (I got most of them in either trades or raffles)

Offer away!
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Go check out this event! It's really neat!

Gender: Male
Theme: Slytherin 
Clan type: Tarandus
Build: slender
Ears: wing…
Accessories: Maybe a black cape?

Doing this for fun, because it seems as though almost everyone in the group has made one of these, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Also the final one is a dreamy.  

Both animals below are based on my favourite animals as a child to this day, I go see these fellows every time I go to the zoo. 

Beans That I like to have:

(1) Meerkat

Type of bagbean: Common Bagbean 

Bag or Backpack: Backpack
Colours:  Browns, greys, some black, earthly colours
Gender:  Gender neutral -  Can pass as both genders
Patterns/Markings: Stripes similiar to the meerkats themselves
Hairstyle: Fluffy and short!
Accessories: Maybe a bracelet or two
Teeth yes or no: No
Scars yes or no: No

(2) This fish==>… I don't know what the species is called

Type of bagbean: Common Bagbean 

Bag or Backpack: Waist bag
Colours: Whites, grey, black, some blue
Gender:  Gender neutral -  Can pass as both genders
Patterns/Markings: Some dots
Hairstyle: Double Braids 
Accessories: a fish necklace that resembles the species
Teeth yes or no: No
Scars yes or no: No

The Dream Bean
(3) Scorpion

Type of bagbean: Common Bagbean 

Bag or Backpack: Backpack
Colours: red, black, emerald green
Gender:  Male
Patterns/Markings: You choose!
Hairstyle: Like this but red:  #473 Biome Bagbean w/m - Rain by griffsnuff 
Hair colour like this bean:  #549 Nomnom bb w/m - fireball cider bomb cocktail by griffsnuff
Accessories: A white headband
Teeth yes or no: no
Scars yes or no: no

Hi there!
After some consideration, I've decided that Theoden would need a redesign. His design right now is just too complex for me to draw. So, I'm hoping to find some help with a redesign. Here he is: Theoden by Evekle

Name: Maze
Nickname/s: Amaze, Puzzle 
Owner: Everyone!
Gender: Male
Species: Bagbean
Type: Royal
Bag type: Bag
Mutations: Special Inner Pawpads

LVL: ---
Magic path: Not ready
Weapon of choice: ---
Proficiency: ---

City of origin: Traveler 
Occupation: ---
Political status: Peasant 


Creation information: Royal Event Bagbean
Designer: griffsnuff 
Former owners: ---


Pixel bean by griffsnuff SKILL STATUS  Pixel bean by griffsnuff

HP: 10 ( START HP Is always 10 ) 
Pixel bean by griffsnuff  Pixel bean by griffsnuff
Pixel bean by griffsnuff  Pixel bean by griffsnuff  Pixel bean by griffsnuff
Pixel bean by griffsnuff  Pixel bean by griffsnuff  Pixel bean by griffsnuff
Pixel bean by griffsnuff  Pixel bean by griffsnuff
YOU GET X10 base stats you can divide between attack, speed, stealth and defense. Just use the thumb cove of this bean if it allows you or just write a number  Pixel bean by griffsnuff







0 Peas = Peasant
100 Peas = Commoner
300 Peas = Baron
500 Peas = Duke/Duchess
1000+ Peas = Royal


Magic items


Time beans = None
Watering counter = None
Tree status = None
Tree art count = None


Other bagbean - none
( other bagbeans, fishies, casters, guardian, gryphons )
( fishies, casters, gryphons , bavoms, warriorshimis )
(cafluffles, floophorse, anubias, relicelk, bunblebees, cropeas)
(the following requires taming : Puffshimis, eeks )
Magic Familiar
(will be received when finishing egg hatching class)


Identity trial Not finished
Builder trial Not finished
Discovery trial Not finished
Lesser Magic trial Not finished
Advanced magic trial Not finished
Occupation trial Not finished
Market trial Not finished
Lovebean hatching trial Not finished
Soulmate trial Not finished
Allies trial Not finished


Chakra training Not finished
Skill training Not finished
Weapon training Not finished
Mag point training Not finished
Elemental training Not finished


Smelting class Not finished
Bottle making class Not finished
Potion making class Not finished
Egg hatching class Not finished
Cooking class Not finished
Herbalism class Not finished
Magic jeweling class Not finished

None Yet!



Active Ticket entries

   Carnival pt. 3 by Evekle  Carnival pt.4 by Evekle

post all the art that is in the ticket games, make sure you read the Carnival rules and know what qualifies for tickets! Everytime you join another game you will have to show this tracker so that we know you have the tickets to participate.

ONCE we comment on one of your artworks with "TICKET USED" move that artwork down to unactive ticket entries please!

Active Tickets = 20

Unactive Ticket entries

Post all entries you have spent the tickets for here. This means if you have made 5 arts, and you joined a 5 ticket game you will move those 5 arts here.
Spring Dress Up-Spring Carnival (1-5) by Evekle Spring Carnival Pt. 2 by Evekle
Tickets spent = 0

Tier 1 Game entries

Link any art made for these games. Also link to your comments you have posted for Comment based games here aswell.

Tier 2 Game entries

Link any art made for these games. Also link to your comments you have posted for Comment based games here aswell.

Tier 3 Game entries

Link any art made for these games. Also link to your comments you have posted for Comment based games here aswell.
The Red Balloon (DTA Entry) by Evekle

Tier 4 Game entries

Link any art made for these games. Also link to your comments you have posted for Comment based games here aswell.

Prizes recieved

You can post any prize you have recieved here, also future prizes after the Carnival is over you can add here. Such as beans from wheel of bean fortune , the collectibles etc. Nothing here becomes official until the carnival is over and your prizes has been approved for a second time! So be sure to turn this entire Carnival tracker in when we make the prize journal.

Any Griffian you own that has participated in this Carnival

Tagged by SkyCoulor!
1. Favourite song by a mainstream artist (Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran ect.)
I don't listen to them? I'm only a classical music person. 

2. Favourite song by a fan artist (Mandopony, LivingTombstone etc.)
 Refer back to question 1.

3. How do you guys deal with stress?
Doodling all the way to heaven!

4. Do you watch any YouTubers?
Yep. Yep! My favs are definitely Chuggaaconroy, Masaeanela, and LuckySevenDX.  

5. Have you ever watched Dan and Phil? (YouTubers)
I've heard of them, but I've never watched their channel.

6. What do you normally have for breakfast?
Eggs, eggs and more eggs!

7. What are your thoughts on artificial intelligence?
Neutral, I guess. It can be both good and bad.
8. Do you have a bestie IRL?

9. How much of your personal life do you reckon you actually share online?
The minimal amount possible. 

10. Favourite books?
Lord of the Flies, Lord of the Rings (Need to finish someday), Shakespearean plays.

11. Do you prefer to read Ebooks, paperbacks or hardcovers? (I'm a sucker for hardcovers that come in sets and paperbacks)
All of them!! 
12. Weirdest thing a friend has said to you? (Online or IRL)
"I have diabetes in the ocean!" While playing Kirby's Return to Dreamland.

Questions for ya'll!

1. Favourite anime (if you watch it)?
2. What are some of the weirdest things your friends have said?
3. How do you procrastinate?
4. Do you enjoy comics?
5. Favourite books?
6. Favourite classical piece (can be Baroque, Post 20th century, etc)?
7. How do you spend your weekends?
8. Favourite school subject?
9. Least favourite school subject?
10. What do you have for lunch usually?
11. Do you believe in luck?
12. Favourite artists on dA?

I tag!
LlamaCheesecake  bluefire-flowers and BluegrassBrooke 
Redoing it cuz I missed some stuff!

Scented ponies
water equos
Orbites (I've been chasing this species for a really long time and I never got to own one)
Kitsumera (I can dream about them.)
A Darkness pony/ Light pony. (I'd love to have one in incorporate into my fantasy island with a back story I always had in the back of my head)

Art of any of my characters! I'm planning something for all of you! Expect them around December 20th!
Heya! I'm posting this journal since my friend BluegrassBrooke is going through some hard times and needs money to keep her horse. In order to help, I'm going to be offering my commissions and all of the profit will go to her!
Please help!
Commission Prices and InfoLooking at the stars- 15 points  
OC+background of your choosing- 20 points
Pop-out art-100 points
Headshots: 5-10 points
Emotions Sheet for Your OC/OS: 20-30 points
 New OC- Holly by Evekle Young Mural- Mascot by Evekle

Remember, every commission helps!

(Note: The examples in the journal are extremely unreliable, my art is actually a lot better than what is shown)
Winter Floof-Fluff Raffle! by Sunshineshiny
Tagged by Vionova . This is very overdue and since it's the summer, I'll just do it now.

1. Post these rules. 
2. Post 8 facts about your character. 
3. Tag 8 other characters. 
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Etoile, I chose you!!

1. Math is her worst subject

2. She's a complete introvert and has trouble getting to know others

3. She'll fiddle with anything when she has nothing to do

4. Etoile sometimes detest being an alicorn and wished she was simply a unicorn or pegasus

5. English is her best and she enjoys writing stories about her childhood with Meli

6.She loves scrabble and tries to find time to play it when she's not busy

7. In her opinion, winter is the best season of all

8. Most likely to trip over nothing

I won't tag anyone.. The choice is yours to do it!
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The tittle says it all. Tell me in the comments!
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The Grotto Fall ADVENT - [4 OPEN] by FuyusFox